Review – Sex and the City – The Movie

A top rated television series is just that. Top rated and not anything can take away from that fact.
However, trying to reinvent the same series on the big screen does not work as well. In the first place, the television series was just one-half hour long that was divided into a full hour time slot. The movie was over two hours long and other than a few spots of real life drama, it came across as a visual cream puff.

Of course, the fashions were breathtaking and so were the views from a Manhattan penthouse and the honeymoon villa on the coast of Mexico. As usual, there was the roller coaster romance between Karrie and Mr. Big, along with the mother-figure character Miranda warning Kerrie to be careful not to fall into his trap once again. The biggest surprise was the character of Samantha. She had really mellowed out from the bed-romping PR woman from New York City. However, Charlotte was in her usual form still living with Harry and her adopted Chinese daughter. Other than a few scenes, he mostly stayed in the background. The character of Steve comes across as even better than in the television series. He was given a lot more depth to work with in having to live with his high-powered wife, Miranda.

If the movie “Sex And The City” did one thing, it bonded women over the age of eighteen and at least gave them the idea that you can have anything you want as long as you are willing to pay a high price for it.